The campaign promotes a global vision engaging countries from all over the world with a particular interest in the topic of international solidarity. The aim is to foster an open dialogue at global level, in which representatives from all countries in the world, as well as citizens worldwide, will be able to engage.

The moment is now to reflect together about the world we are going to share in the future. To address it, we shall look into unresolved global challenges highlighting the devastating consequences of the Covid 19.

The current crisis is a strong reminder of how we are all part of the same humanity. But…
The virus made clear that we are not all equal in ensuring our own safety and protection and for those who are already suffering from other collateral crises - famine and droughts, the harsh consequences of climate change, wars - the stake is much higher.
The COVID-19 pandemic underlines to which level inequalities are a shared problem around the world. Which is why solidarity has to be re-considered as a collective responsibility.
Nevertheless, even in this context of emergency many are the attempts of seeking shelter under newly built walls of repression and social control, that may put democracy and human rights at risk.
Through the #Solidaction Campaign, the North-South Centre aims to showcase and support the voices of those who see in international solidarity a collective response to the current and future global crises.
Whether we are confronting a pandemic, global warming, income inequality, racism or gender-based violence, solidarity depends on how we come together. Solidarity is defined by how we understand and enact our responsibilities and relationships with each other, and how we are collectively supported.

Through the #Solidaction Campaign the North-South Centre aims to:

  • Inspire & Raise Awareness: Identify and showcase solidarity initiatives around the world.
  • Mobilise & Bring together: Mobilise stakeholders from all sectors to join a global debate and create a common platform on solidarity.
  • Cooperate & Take action: Collectively build a roadmap to support and implement solidarity and cooperation at global and local level.


The objective of the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity (North-South Centre) is that representatives of governments, parliaments, local and regional authorities and civil society take concrete action to promote intercultural dialogue and solidarity, embracing Council of Europe values.


Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos