Promoting Freedom of Expression and media pluralism in Morocco

Cooperation between Morocco and the Council of Europe in the Media Field has been going on for  some years now. The project will build up on the results achieved by previous projects such as the 2018-2021 Partnership Agreement signed between the CoE and the Kingdom of Morocco in 2018, and will continue to function based on a demand-driven action. The initiatives will complete and coordinate with the priorities and plans set by national stakeholders and partners, including the ones set in the PANDDH, National Human Rights Action Plan, in line with CoE standards.

The project to promote freedom of expression and media pluralism in Morocco is a joint program between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Council of Europe for a period of four years running from January 2019 until December 2021.


  • to reinforce the legal and institutional framework conducive for freedom of expression. Quality journalism is promoted through ethical and professional standards and through effective self-regulatory bodies
  • to enhance professional and ethical standards among journalists and young professionals, and support a legal and institutional environment conducive for the progression of freedom of expression by progressively aligning the relevant CoE standards.

Specific technical assistance will be provided to

  1. The Ministry of Culture and Communication in its efforts to promote reforms in the media sector.
  2. The newly established Conseil National de la Presse with a view of reinforcing the mechanism of self -regulation.
  3. The initiative also addresses the remit of the audio-visual regulator in order to reinforce its independence and to progressively align with CoE standards and guidelines in the digital age.
  4. Journalists organisations

Main activities:

  • Comprehensive capacity building and organisational support to the National Press Council
  • Support to the National Journalist Trade Union in the development of specific decentralised training sessions
  • Participation of Minister Officials and Representatives of authorities to the work of Ministerial Committees
  • Specific on demand training for Minister Officials especially concerning internet governance and the role of intermediaries in the media landscape
  • Awareness raising initiatives on the subject of the portrayal of women in the media with the support of national media and possibly regulatory authority