Since 2012, Eurimages has been considering the issue of gender equality in the film industry.

A Gender Equality Working Group composed of representatives from a number of members states has been set up and meets quarterly, with the aim of:

  • studying the current situation of the presence of women in the cinema sector at national and international level in co-operation with other national and international bodies;
  • analysing the current situation of Eurimages with regards to gender equality in the selection of projects;
  • collecting information on the “gender of the project” and on the content of the script (Bechdel test) for the applications submitted to Eurimages.


 *Aiming for 50/50 by 2020

As part of its strategy, Eurimages has embraced the aim of achieving equal distribution of co-production funding between women and men by the year 2020. The Fund’s progress towards this aim is shown in the campaign graphic “Eurimages supports Gender Equality” published on our website. The “current status” percentage in the graphic reflects the share of total support awarded to projects directed by women and is calculated as a sliding average over the last six decision meetings.




 Strategy for gender equality

During its 148th meeting in Skopje (North Macedonia) on 20 October 2017, the Eurimages Board of Management renewed its commitment to gender equality by adopting a strategy for gender equality in the European film industry 2018-2020.

This decision reflects the Fund’s firm commitment to addressing the problem of under-representation of women in cinema. Through the implementation of this strategy, Eurimages will become a driving force for change by adopting a series of measures to promote the role of women in front of and behind the camera.


 Increasing the visibility of female talent

Improving the visibility of talented female directors and sharing best-practice and know how is a pivotal tool in the Eurimages' 2018-2020 action plan. This includes the preparation of brochures sharing information on the gender equality strategy and the Council of Europe Recommendation on Gender Equality in the Audiovisual Sector, as well as the campaign image.