Eurimages’ commitment to consider environmental issues in its activities was formalised in September 2020 with the adoption of Resolution CM/Res(2020)8 by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. This document states in its articles 1.1, 2.3 and 8.1 that: Environmental impact should, whenever possible, be considered and reduced both when taking measures and implementing programme activities and in the Fund’s functioning.

In the framework of this strategy, “sustainability” is understood to be a focus on the environmental impact of the Fund’s activities, its functioning and on action towards climate neutrality. Gender equality and diversity issues are dealt with by a dedicated Eurimages Study Group while other areas of activity listed in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals go beyond the mandate of the Fund.

Eurimages acknowledges its accountability towards future generations regarding sustainable development, bearing in mind the undeniable environmental impact of international co-productions.

Eurimages also trusts that international cooperation is a key element to answer the challenges of climate change, hence engaging its responsibility as a platform to encourage the greening of the film industry in its member States.

Eurimages Board of Management established a Sustainability Study Group in March 2021 to develop a strategy and action plan to help the Fund meet these challenges while continuing to support quality projects of international reach.


 Action Plan

At its meeting in November 2022, the Eurimages Board of Management decided to implement three measures in favour of sustainable co-productions:

1.    As of January 2023, projects submitted under the co-production support programme will be assessed taking into account an additional selection criterion concerning "the existence of measures implemented to reduce the environmental impact of the co-production project". This criterion aims to consider efforts undertaken by the producers and the artistic and technical teams to carry out the project in a sustainable way. 
In concrete terms this allows producers, on a voluntary basis, to indicate the relevant elements in their producer’s note of intent and attach any previously prepared documents, in particular documents designed to meet the requirements of other public funds (carbon calculation, certification, sustainability strategy, etc.).
This additional selection criterion is not an eligibility criterion: a project that has not yet put in place any green production measures may apply for support from Eurimages. Nevertheless, the external experts sitting in the project evaluation sessions will take this criterion into account when making a comparative assessment of the projects.
A list of useful tools to enable the production of sustainable films can be found on this page and offers a varied choice of methodologies for production teams. This list may be updated or expanded regularly.

2.    The creation of three Eurimages Green Co-production Awards has been approved. The objective of these awards is to reward international co-productions that have managed to combine sustainable production and artistic quality. They will be open to feature-length fiction, animation and documentary films. Each prize will be endowed with €10,000.
A call for expressions of interest from film festivals, markets and events will be launched by the Fund at the beginning of 2023 with the aim of starting to award these prizes by 2024 at the latest. 

NB: The implementation of the Eurimages Green Co-production Awards has been postponed to a later date.

3.    Eurimages also intends to be active in the field of training in sustainable film production. The Fund will work on the development of an e-learning platform on sustainable film production which will focus on international co-production and related issues. Such a tool will be aimed at film professionals - producers, directors, technicians, etc. - in all the Fund's member States. By setting up a modular training course, the Fund will be able to respond to the different levels of requirements and expectations of professionals while trying to facilitate the exchange of good practices among them. However, this platform will not lead to the award of a diploma or qualification for green consultants.
A set of specifications will be drawn up shortly to enable the launch of a call for tenders to find the right partners for this project. 


 Strategic objectives

Three strategic objectives addressing three different target groups were identified by the Sustainability Study Group.

Carbon impact of the Fund
  • Study by Impacti in pdf version
  • Study by Impacti in web version


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