From 1 January 2023, for transparency reasons and at the request of the Board of Management, the Eurimages Secretariat will publish in the annual activity report the amount of support repaid by producers for all films supported within the co-production support programme.

As of 1 January 2021, if Eurimages support exceeds 150,000 euros, the financial support takes the form of an advance on receipts repayable at the first euro. In cases where the financial support granted is inferior or equal to 150,000 euros, it is then a nonrefundable subsidy and in this case the co-producers have no obligation to reimburse. 

The amount repayable for each of the co-producers figures in Article 8.3 of the Support Agreement.

Each co-producer is responsible for repaying their share of the support granted.

The information and documents available on this page reiterate and complete Article 7 of the Eurimages Co-production Support Regulations and Article 8 of the Support Agreement.

Please send revenue statements as well as any comments or questions you may have to: [email protected].



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