There are 3 deadlines annually for co-production support and a single deadline for the exhibition (cinemas) support programme.

Sponsorships granted and awards made under the Promotion programme and Gender Equality strategy are decided upon following calls for proposals.


*Applications must be submitted via the online platform for latest 6pm French local time on the date of deadline: a minimum of 50% of the project financing must be confirmed in each co-producing country at the time of application.
**The official Council of Europe exchange rate published here MUST be used for the conversion of non-euro currencies. 
***The dates are subject to revision according to the number of projects, meetings will not be held on Saturdays or Sundays.

Further information about the Co-production Support Programme >>


A cinema that wishes to join the network must apply before 30 June (6pm CET) of the current year for membership in the following year.

Further information about Cinemas Support Programme >>


The events selected for the period 2021-2023 following the calls for proposals for sponsorship and for the Eurimages Co-production Development Awards can be consulted in the Promotions section of the Eurimages website. 
Awards to "Lab Projects" have been suspended pending analysis of the results of the independent study on the relevance and modalities of support to non-conventional film projects. 
Further information on Promotion activities >>


Eurimages offers sponsorship and patronage to selected film-related activities in the area of gender equality. A call for sponsorship proposals is made annually. Patronage without any financial participation can be requested in accordance with the guidelines on patronage. The Audentia Prize is also subject to an annual call for proposals, published on the internet.
Further information about the Gender Equality strategy >>


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