Following the numerous applications received from film, audiovisual or cultural professionals wishing to take part in the Fund's support decisions, the Executive Committee has decided to suspend the recruitment procedure for independent external experts as of 1 April 2022. We invite you to consult the Eurimages website regularly for the next opening date of the new application cycle.
We thank all those who have expressed their interest in our activities.

The guidelines that can be downloaded in the "documents" section below give a complete overview of the functioning of the external experts: selection, mission, financial and administrative conditions, etc.

For information, the dates for the next meetings of the expert working groups which will assess the applications for co-production support are available here. The first selection of experts for each evaluation session takes place at the latest one week after the application deadline and the final selection of experts is confirmed approximately three weeks after this deadline. Experts who have signed a framework contract with Eurimages, but who have not been contacted during this period, will in principle not be asked to assess applications for support during the evaluation session in question. They will however remain part of the pool of experts.

The Eurimages Reform and the use of external experts

Following an external evaluation conducted in 2018, the Fund has embarked on an in-depth reform of its governance and decision-making process, as well as a review of its working procedures. This reform affects in particular the co-production support programme, the modalities of which changed on 1 January 2022.

The governance and decision-making arrangements of the Fund are structured as follows:

The Board of Management (1-2 meetings per year), composed of representatives from each of the Member States, defines the Fund's policy and strategic orientations, decides on the conditions for granting financial support, and adopts and monitors the Fund's budget.

The Executive Committee (3 meetings per year), composed of one third of the national representatives on a rotating basis, is mandated to take decisions on any matter not falling within the remit of the Board of Management, including the adoption of recommendations for financial support developed by the working groups on the different support programmes.

Independent external experts - from the film, audiovisual and cultural industries - are responsible for assessing applications for support and making recommendations for the allocation of financial assistance in accordance with the selection criteria and guidelines defined by the Board of Management. These experts work within the framework of the co-production support programme but may be called upon for other programmes of the Fund.

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