Updated 05 January 2022 Updated 05 January 2022


There are 3 deadlines each year for co-production support.

  National Representatives

Before applying for co-production support, all full co-producers of the project are invited to contact their national representatives on the Board of Management of Eurimages to inform them of their intention to submit an application.

 On-line applications

Applications for co-production support should be submitted via the on-line application system. Applications in paper form are not accepted. APPLY ONLINE.


Updated November 2021 - Instructions on how to confirm sources of financing for the purposes of the 50% financing requirement.

Due to the increasing number of applications for co-production support, it is no longer feasible for Eurimages to obtain updated letters of intent directly from national, regional and local funds.

Producers are therefore asked to note that where a letter of intent dates from more than six months prior to the end of the Project Evaluation meeting (dates) that will examine the project, they must obtain an updated letter from the funder and submit it with the application. Older letters stating a validity date beyond the meeting will of course continue to be accepted.

Producers are also asked to note that in the case of the Belgian tax shelter, the certificate of the European status of the work must be provided with the application. Without this document, the tax shelter cannot be considered a confirmed amount, which may affect the eligibility of the project.

 Documents to be appended to the on-line application

Please note that cast and crew information, the points table showing the member state character of the project, the financing plan and filmographies (director, co-producers, distributors, international sales agents, actors and main crew members) should be entered directly in the on-line platform (list of documents).

Guidelines for the Producers’ note are available here.

Letters of intent, letters of commitment and deal memos which are not in English or French should be fully translated into one of these languages.  Contracts or agreements justifying financing should be either fully translated or a translation of the key points provided.  Alternatively the summary forms available here may be used, but only for contracts.

Letters of intent, deal memos and contracts for distribution and international sales which do not involve a minimum guarantee can be shown in the financing plan with a value of zero euros and should also be attached to the co-production agreement or deal memo on Screen 6 of the on-line application.

 List of visual and audiovisual elements to be provided via the online application

Please note that all visual and audiovisual elements must be provided electronically via the online application platform (see list of elements to be provided).

 Information for producers of supported co-production projects