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The obstacles that Member States may face in implementing the Convention or other Council of Europe human rights instruments or in assuring full and timely national execution of the judgments of the Court, may be of a financial or structural nature or relate to a need for capacity-building and expert support.

In this context, the activities of the Human Rights Trust Fund may consist in:

providing adequate training in Convention standards for professional groups and integrating these standards in University education

ensuring domestic dissemination of the Courtís case law and its effective accessibility for legal professionals

taking other legislative, regulatory, structural measures to tackle persistent human rights problems identified by the ECtHR and other Council of Europe monitoring bodies ē developing the capacities of National Human Rights Structures, including ombudsmen, to improve the protection of human rights on the ground

putting in place adequate independent national mechanisms for the prevention, detection and redress of human rights violations, thus alleviating the number of cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights.