Co-ordinating cooperation

The Directorate of Programme Co-ordination manages Council of Europe cooperation activities in member states and non-member states in its neighbourhood. These cooperation activities are undertaken to help these countries reach Council of Europe standards in human rights, rule of law and democracy.

The Directorate of Programme Co-ordination ensures the strategic programming of these activities and mobilises resources for their implementation, while co-ordinating the Council of Europe's action with other organisations and agencies. The Directorate of Programme Co-ordination is also responsible for coordinating the Council of Europe Offices and Programme Offices, which play an active part in identifying and implementing projects and in raising funds for their execution.

In 2016 the Directorate of Programme Co-ordination launched the new Council of Europe Project Management Methodology which comprises a handbook, further guidance on a dedicated website, training (group, e-learning, video tutorials) and a tailor-made IT tool for the management of development cooperation. The aim is to consolidate competencies and the Council of Europe’s position as a significant actor in development cooperation.