Pompidou Group - Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs

EXASS Net is a European network of partnerships between stakeholders at frontline level responding to drug problems providing experience and assistance for inter-sectoral cooperation.

The initiative to create such a network came from the 2006 Finnish EU Presidency , which identified the need for enhanced cooperation of various actors in the law-enforcement, health and social sectors in tackling drug-related problems. Following the recommendations from a major conference in Turku in September 2006, under the title “Moving Forward Together”, the Finish EU Presidency suggested setting up a European network for multi-agency partnerships tackling drug problems at front-line level.

The Pompidou Group took up this proposal immediately. During the Ministerial Conference of the Pompidou Group in December 2006, the 2007-2010 Work Programme was adopted already including the mandate for the Pompidou Group to set up the proposed network. The network was created in April 2007 and has since met five times: in Helsinki (Finland), Preston (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Moscow (Russia), Budapest (Hungary) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).  
Publications and documents
8th Meeting, 2-4 May 2011, Berlin
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7th Meeting, 2-4 June 2010, Oslo
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suite Early intervention targeting youth at risk and European cities by Thierry Charlois (pdf format)

6th Meeting, 19-21 October 2009, Amsterdam
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Drug user participation and European cities by Thierry Charlois (pdf format)

5th Meeting, 4-6 May 2009, Budapest
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Safer nightlife in Europe (pdf format)

4th Meeting, 30-31 October 2008, Moscow
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3rd Meeting, 26–28 May 2008, Frankfurt/ Main
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European network of partnerships between stakeholders at frontline level responding to drug problems
September 2007
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10-11, Rabat
Rabat Round Table

11, Vienna
Women in Focus: Social Reintegration as a Key to Successful Recovery

12, Vienna
The Success of Therapeutic Communities in Prison - a Model for Europe

9-13, Vienna
Art Therapy and Drug Prevention in Prisons Exhibition

23-25, Ljubljana
Ljubljana Needs assessment seminar

26-27, Ljubljana
Qualifying seminar preparatory meeting

27-29, Strasbourg
76th PC Meeting

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