how to apply

#1: Register your organisation

For Those Already Registered in the old EYF system: Basic information from your present registration has been transferred to the new system. Verify the information, fill in what is missing and upload your statutes and annual report. You will keep your NGO number, but this will no longer be your login. Your organisation's e-mail will be your new login. Organisations need to provide their GPS location. This information will feed the map you see on the homepage. Please have this information ready to be included in your registration form (see instructions).

If you are a first time applicant register your organisation first. You must provide detailed information on your organisation's aims, membership, structure, national branches or partners (if you are an international organisation or network), international affiliations or partners (if you are a national organisation or network) and the names of those key people in leadership positions. We may request certified copies or original documents confirming the information provided.


Have a look at the 6 questions below to find out if you are eligible for support and financial aid. Before trying to register you will be asked these same questions.

  • My organisation is a non-profit-making and non-governmental.
  • My organisation has its own statutes.
  • My organisation runs activities for young people (15-30 years old).
  • It is young people who take the decisions on our programme of activities.
  • Members of my organisation are aged between 15 and 30 years old.
  • Our work is in line with the values and priorities of the Council of Europe.

The registration of your organisation needs to be validated before you can submit a project application.

ACCESS online system in menu LOGIN or via


#2: Get approved

We thank you for your interest and application for registration. We take this first step very seriously. In an effort to continue sustaining engaged, responsible organisations/networks while being ourselves accountable and transparent, we evaluate each new organisation registered and do not guarantee your registration will be approved. Please provide as much information as possible, as incorrect and/or misleading or partially filled applications will not be considered.


#3: If validated, submit application

If you have been validated, congratulations! You can now put in an activity application.

If your organisation has not been registered, you will receive an official message from the EYF stating the reasons for the rejection of your registration.

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