President Georges PompidouThe Co-operation Group to Combat Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in Drugs (Pompidou Group) is an inter-governmental body formed in 1971 at the initiative of the late French President Georges Pompidou.

Initially, this informal forum consisted of seven European countries – France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom – looking to share their experience of combating drug abuse and drug trafficking. The cooperation was subsequently extended to include new countries.

In 1980 the Group was incorporated into the institutional framework of the Council of Europe and at present it comprises 39 member states.

Since 1990, technical co-operation has been extended to countries of central and eastern Europe which are not members of the Pompidou Group. Furthermore, non-European countries, like Canada, the USA, Australia and Mexico have also been invited to take part in activities, as well as other international bodies such as the European Union, the European Commission and the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Since 2006 the Group has also developed co-operation activities for and with non member States from the Mediterranean Basin such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.