The substantive work on particular issues is undertaken in Committees.

Committees are set up for a limited period of time and provide a focus for discussion and research on issues relevant to the work of the Council of Europe. They prepare reports and where appropriate, draft declarations, recommendations and resolutions for consideration by the General Assembly. 

The terms of reference and duration of committees are validated by the General Assembly taking into account the relevance of the proposed issue for the three-year strategic plan of the Conference of INGOs and the priorities of the Council of Europe.

Committee meetings are open to all INGO delegates and to persons invited by the chairs of the committees or by the Standing Committee.

More information on the functionning of the Committees can be found in the Rules of Procedure

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Attention !!!

Following the decision of the Committee of Ministers on 16 March 2022 the Russian Federation is no longer a member of the Council of Europe. The website will be updated as soon as possible to take account of this development.

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