Role of the Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the ruling body of the Conference of INGOs. It co-ordinates the representation of the Conference to all other bodies of the Council of Europe, oversees the work of the Expert Councils and ensures the consistency of the work of the Committees of the Conference with the key priorities and strategic framework of the Council of Europe. It prepares the meetings of the Conference and meets either physically or online on a regular basis. It is preparing the strategy of the Conference and organising the dialogue with its members. The Standing Committee also reacts to acute situations of civil society organizations in distress in close co-operation with other bodies of the Council of Europe. 

 Composition of the Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Conference of INGOs comprises:

• with voting rights:

  • the President, two Vice-Presidents and 8 elected members

• in a non-voting capacity:

  • the immediate past President 

The President of the Association "OING-Service" attends meetings ex officio, in a non-voting capacity.

The Chairs of the Verfication and Dispute Committee, Committees and Expert Councils and individual delegates may be invited, also in a non-voting capacity, to meetings when an item on the agenda concerns their responsibilities.