Composition and terms of reference

The Conference of INGOs is assisted in its work by a Verification and Dispute Committee.

The Committee is appointed by the General Assembly of the Conference of INGOs, on a proposal of the President of the Conference and after having consulted the outgoing Chair of the Committee.  It comprises five members who are appointed for a period of three years and appoints its own Chair.  No delegate may be a member of the Committee for more than two consecutive terms of office

The Committee is responsible for:

  • verifying the admissibility of election candidates;
  • specifying the arrangements for information campaigns amongst all INGOs conducted by candidates for election;
  • monitoring the election process;
  • determining whether the President, a Vice-President or elected Member of the Standing Committee has become permanently unable to discharge his or her responsibilities;
  • making findings and recommendations in respect of notifications of breaches of the Code of Conduct;
  • ensuring that the ethical principles and rules of conduct laid down at the Council of Europe are observed within the Conference of INGOs; and
  • settling disputes as to the application of the Rules of Procedure.


 Members of the Committee

The current committee was appointed by the General Assembly on 10 April 2024 for a term of office of 3 years 

  • Chair - Cyril RitchieCivicus, World Alliance for Citizenship participation
  • Marie-Claire Galibert, International Federation of Associations of the Elderly, FIAPA
  • Anne Kraus, CISV International
  • Michalis Mittas, European Young Bar Association, EYBA
  • Marie-Christine Davy, Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE)