Recommendation CM/Rec(2016)3 of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers to member States on Human Rights and Business was adopted in March 2016.

A month later the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights stressed: “European and international human rights instruments are essential in ensuring workers’ freedom of association, their right to collective bargaining, the prohibition of discrimination, child and forced labour, and the protection of health and safety at work.”

One year later the Conference of INGOs concluded its own work on this important subject by organising a related Side Event and adopted its own recommendation (CONF/PLE(2017)REC2) in support of it, stressing the need for implementation and accountability in this field.

Currently a draft text that is under consideration at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly: “Businesses, especially trans- or multinational companies, have gained much power and influence, with some companies’ assets exceeding the gross domestic product (GDP) of the States in which they operate. Businesses can benefit society and contribute to the realisation of human rights, including by providing employment and paying taxes. However, European businesses are also implicated in human rights violations, such as exploitative or hazardous working conditions, environmental pollution, employment discrimination and violations of employees’ right to privacy, namely via cyber-monitoring.”

With this page the INGO Conference wishes to support its own member organisations and encourages all readers to promote and implement the substance of the above Recommendations.

Please check out the material below which will help you in working for the implementation and accountability for Human Rights and Business: