Presentation of INGO-Service

INGO-Service was set up to receive voluntary financial contributions from INGOs.  As stated its revised statutes adopted at its Extraordinary General Assembly on 24 June 2015: "The purpose of the association shall be to support the Conference of INGOs holding participatory status with the Council of Europe and its structures within the Council of Europe, particularly as regards external relations, by raising and making available the necessary resources".


What is its purpose?

The purpose of INGO-Service is to provide financial means to the Conference of INGOs, in addition to the financial contribution of the Council of Europe, to carry out its activities and its missions, to enhance the work of all of the INGOs holding participatory status. By supporting INGO-Service, your INGO is showing solidarity with all the INGOs working together in Greater Europe.

The Statute of INGO Service was adopted by the constituent General Assembly held in Strasbourg on 9 November 1994, and amended by the Assembly on 30 January 2007 and the Extraordinary General Assembly on 24 June 2015.

Internal rules of procedures were adopted by the Ordinary General Assembly on 27 January 2016 and modified on 26 January 2017.


How are subscriptions spent?

Suscriptions go towards paying for the functioning of the Conference of INGOs and its structures (Standing Committee, Bureau, thematic Committees, experts) whose expertise is regularly sought by the bodies of the Council of Europe (Committee of Ministers, Parliamentary Assembly, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Intergovernmental Committees ...)


A few examples

  • The organisation of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 17 October: publication of the report;
  • Participation in the different intergovernmental committees of the Council of Europe;
  • Participation in the closing Conference of the Action Plan for People with Disabilities in Dublin


Who are the INGO representatives elected to the Board of INGO-Service on 24 June 2015?

The Board of INGO-Service held elections in June 2015 and elected its bureau for a three-year term of office:

President :  Maritchu Rall; Vice-President: vacant post; Treasurer:  Marie-José Schmitt ; Secretary:  Michel Julien

Other members: Anna RURKA, Patrice COLLIGNON, Antonina DASHKINA, Laura FRATI-GUCCI,  Jean-Claude GONON, Laurent GREGOIRE, Thierry MATHIEU,Simon MATTHIJSSEN,Arleen PIMENTEL, Claude VIVIER LE GOT



President :  Maritchu Rall

Vice-President: vacant post

Treasurer:  Marie-José Schmitt

Secretary:  Michel Julien