Media and refugees: Council of Europe reports examine media narratives and communicative needs

22 August 2018

Media as facilitators of public debate are widely viewed as a key tool for managing the increasing diversity in society. Mainstream media constitute key and trusted resources for officials and the public to make sense of unfolding events and take appropriate action. Thus, the role of the media is...

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Workshop on the Treatment of the Mediterranean Migrant & Refugee Crisis on the Audiovisual Media

28 June 2018 Barcelona

Migrants, Refugees, Asylum seekers – How do media portray them? What picture of migration European and Mediterranean citizens are exposed to? What is the role of media regulators? Media regulatory authorities, civil society, audio-visual media and major international organisations from both...

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A new report on the role of community media for refugees and migrants has been published

26 February 2018

The Council of Europe publication entitled “Spaces of Inclusion - An explorative study on needs of refugees and migrants in the domain of media communication and on responses by community media” has been prepared by experts of the COMMIT Community Media Institute in Austria. It will be presented...

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