Within the 2022 youth campaign "Democracy here. Democracy now", the EYF has supported in 2022 seven international activities and 34 pilot activities. The EYF is also actively involved in other campaign activities. 

Follow the campaign on its dedicated website. 

international activities supported by the eyf within the campaign
  • Youth Green-oble Summit”, by YEE – Youth and Environment Europe. This forum will allow 50 participants from 20 countries to meet for three days and develop ideas on increasing local democracy in view of greening local policies
  • The power of human rights education”, by WOSM – World Organisation of the Scout Movement. This training will support 30 youth leaders from the scout movement to develop their capacities on using human rights education within the scout organisations at national level, as a tool to encourage young people’s engagement in society
  • Changemakers of tomorrow”, by IFM – SEI – International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International. This training will allow 20 youth leaders from the organisation to develop their competences to run local projects based on active youth participation, and develop as a network within IFM-SEI. 
  • Advocacy Academy: Connect, Communicate, Change” by WSCF - World Student Christian Federation in Europe. This training will empower 25 participants from 15 countries to carry out local advocacy activities that will reach over 500 young people. In this way, youth leader will lead positive changes within their local and national communities. The project was then cancelled by the organisation. 
  • “European Democratic Academy”, by Young European Federalists – JEF. The project will engage youth activists in exploring different approaches to democracy in Europe and develop their skills for constructive, non-polarising and inclusive pro-European activism. The project starts with 3 webinars, followed by a “European Democracy Academy” for 20 participants, and then a series of 10 advocacy actions developed by participants as follow-up, together with a campaign.

  • "Boosting youth participation in MIJARC", by International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth MIJARC. This is a three-day international meeting aiming at empowering and training 25 young people to be actors and multipliers about democracy and youth participation. This activity will enable young people to receive the proper skills and competences needed to engage in political life, advocate for their rights and to engage with external stakeholders at European level.

  • "Backsliding democracy - How does it impact gender equality", by International Union of Socialist Youth IUSY. The project will provide a space for young activists and youth organisations to learn about democratic backsliding, how it impacts gender equality and based on that, set up strategies for inclusivity and against repercussions on women and LGBTQ+ rights as well as declining democracy. The project will empower 20 young multipliers for democracy and gender equality.

Pilot activities supported by the EYF within the campaign