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The authorities of Georgia, the European Commission and the Council of Europe have agreed to implement this joint project from 1 June 2009 to 31 May 2010.


The objective is to help Georgia develop a consistent policy on cybercrime in view of implementing the Convention on Cybercrime (ETS 185).  Specific results are expected in the following areas:


Legislative proposals to bring Georgian legislation fully in line with the Convention on Cybercrime and related European standards on data protection


Training policies and modules


Proposals for institution building


Law enforcement/internet service provider cooperation 


The Ministries of Justice and of Interior of Georgia are the main counterparts.


The project is funded by the European Commission with co-funding from the Council of Europe.


Project Closing Conference (14 May 2010, Tbilisi)

[7 May 2010, Strasbourg]The EU/COE Joint Project on Cybercrime in Georgia, which has been implemented between 1 June 2009 – 31 May 2010, was designed to contribute to the security of and confidence in information and communication technologies in Georgia by helping the authorities develop a consistent policy on cybercrime in view of implementing the Convention on Cybercrime (ETS 185).

In less than one year, with the support of the Project activities and benefited from the strong commitment and involvement of the Georgian project counterparts (the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other national institutions), Georgia has made important progress in fighting cybercrime.

The Closing Conference represented an opportunity for the Project partners, the European Union and the Council of Europe to review the achievements of the Project and its impact on the fight against cybercrime in Georgia.

Experts' presentations
List of participants
Press release of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (Georgian only)
Project Summary
Project Website



Project Summary
Action Plan of activities
Work Plan 2009-2010
Final Narrative report
Final Evaluation report


All activities


Convention on Cybercrime in Georgian (unofficial translation)
Concept Paper on cybercrime training for judges and prosecutors (in Georgian)
CoE Guidelines on law enforcement/ISP cooperation (in Georgian)
Training manual on cybercrime for judges (in Georgian)
Guide on seizure of e-evidence (in Georgian)
Technical Papers


Ministry of Justice of Georgia website on cybercrime
Ministry of Justice of Georgia website on data protection
Octopus Interface Conference 2009 Cybercrime Convention (ETS 185)
The Convention in other languages
Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism (ETS 189)
The Protocol in other languages


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