"The Directorate of Security, Integrity and Rule of Law monitors and supports the implementation of the Council of Europe’s standards on criminal law, corruption, terrorism, cybercrime, data protection, AI, internet governance, money laundering and many other highly topical issues related to crime, human rights protection, new technologies and information.

The aim is that the rights protected in the Council of Europe’s standards are effectively implemented, and that new standards are developed as the needs and complexities of our societies evolve. In particular to meet the challenges of digital technologies and environmental protection, priorities laid down in the Reykjavik Declaration of the 4th Council of Europe Summit.

For this, the Directorate puts into practice the Organisation's unique strategic triangle of setting new standards, carrying out monitoring, and offering technical co-operation and advice to interested beneficiary states."

Hanne Juncher, Director


We promote, develop and monitor the implementation of human rights and rule of law standards


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