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The Economic Crime Cooperation Division (ECCD) is responsible for the Council of Europe’s cooperation and technical assistance related activities concerning measures against corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. The ECCD has been supporting countries in the implementation of Council of Europe’s and other international anti-corruption and anti-money laundering standards for two decades now.

The Division’s activities comprise a wide variety of interventions focusing on implementation of international standards addressing recommendations provided by monitoring bodies such as GRECO and MONEYVAL (FATF or other FSRBs when applicable).

Through its interventions the Division supports the beneficiary jurisdictions in:

  • Enhancing their legislative and strengthening of the institutional frameworks to fight corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing as well as on other matters relating to fight against economic crime;
  • Developing policies and strategic documents;
  • Strengthening of capacities of state institutions, specialised anti-corruption and anti-money laundering bodies, law enforcement, prosecution services and the judiciary.

To date the Division has implemented technical assistance interventions and supported reform processes in over 25 jurisdictions including CoE member states, EU member states, and non-member states and jurisdictions.

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