The Council of Europe has been supporting countries in the implementation of European and international anti-corruption and anti-money laundering standards as well as addressing their priority reforms for two decades. Such support has taken place on the basis of country bilateral interventions and multilateral cooperation programmes: funded by the Council of Europe but to a large extent by contributions of its own Member States and organisations such as the European Union, Norway Grants, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, and United States Agency for International Development.

The Action against Economic Crime and Corruption is responsible for the Council of Europe’s cooperation and assistance related activities and reforms concerning: good governance, corruption, ethics, conflict of interests, money laundering, asset recovery, terrorist financing, organised crime and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters as well as all related criminal law and judicial reforms pertaining to such areas. The Economic Crime and Cooperation Division’s activities comprise a wide variety of intervention tools, methodologies and guidance on implementation of standards and recommendations by involving in house knowledge and expertise and utilising a broad Council of Europe expert database.

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