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GLACY+: Residential Workshop on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence for Intake of New Judges in Sri Lanka

9-13 August 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Council of Europe, through the GLACY+ project, organized a residential training workshop for the intake of new Judges in Sri Lanka on Cybercrime and Electronic evidence. A group of 22 new young judges are now equipped to deal with cybercrime cases and have knowledge of all aspects of...

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The Budapest Convention and its explanatory report finally available in Arabic

16 August 2017 Bucharest, Romania

Within the framework of CyberSouth, the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and its explanatory report have been translated in Arabic. This is a first step before the launching of activities. The European Union/Council of Europe funded project officially started on 1 July 2017. The Additional...

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GLACY+: Sustainable capacity building for Sri Lankan High Court Judges

28-30 July 2017 Kalutara, Sri Lanka

More than 60 High Court Judges of Sri Lanka participated in a residential Workshop on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence, held in Kalutara on 28–30 July. The initiative, supported by the GLACY+ project, was coordinated in partnership with the Sri Lanka Judges’ Institute and in collaboration with...

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Nigeria invited to join the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime

11 July 2017 Strasbourg, France

Yesterday, Nigeria was invited to accede to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime. This is the result of number of years of cooperation between Nigerian authorities and the Council of Europe. In total, 55 States are now Parties and another 14 States have either signed or been invited to accede....

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