Cybercrime@EAP III and iPROCEEDS: Investigating cybercrime and its financial gain – working together effectively

24 - 28 April 2017 Tbilisi, Georgia

A novel initiative comprising 12 countries from the Eastern Partnership Region, South-eastern Europe and Turkey was launched today in Tbilisi, Georgia through a Cybercrime Coordination and Partnership Exercise to explore and establish closer links between professional communities of cybercrime...

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Accession by Chile to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime

20 April 2017 Brussels, Belgium

Today, Chile deposited the instrument of accession to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime and became the 3rd Latin American State Party to this treaty. In total, 54 States are now Parties and another 15 States have either signed or been invited to accede. State of signatures, ratifications and...

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iPROCEEDS: Public-private cooperation for fighting cybercrime and online crime proceeds

10 April 2017 Belgrade, Serbia

Cooperation between criminal justice authorities and private sector entities is essential to protect society against cybercrime. The Joint project of the European Union and Council of Europe – iPROCEEDS is supporting the organisation of a meeting on “Public-private cooperation for fighting...

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GLACY+ Advisory mission - assisting Panamá to improve cybercrime legislation

30 - 31 March 2017 Panamá City, Panamá

The Council of Europe undertook an advisory mission on legislation in Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence to Panamá, within the framework of GLACY+. The mission aimed the drafting of procedural provisions and the revision of substantive provisions in the domestic legislation related to cybercrime....

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GLACY+: First Training of Trainers (ToT) in Ghana

3 - 7 April 2017 Accra, Ghana

The first week-long ToT on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence for judges and prosecutors was organized at the Judicial Training Institute (JTI) by the Council of Europe with the support of the National Communications Authority (NCA). The main purpose of the training is to establish a group of...

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