Action against economic crime

Project on Cybercrime in Georgia: Presentations

These presentations have been prepared under the Project on Cybercrime in Georgia. They do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.

Project Closing Conference

(14 May 2010)



Cristina Schulman: Overview of the Project's achievements


Regional Workshop on Cybercrime

(13 May 2010)



Session 1

Wout de Natris: Spam fighting in the Netherlands


  Eirik Tronnes Hansen: The experience of Norway in fighting cybercrime  
  Virgil Spiridon: The experience of Romania in fighting cybercrime  

César Lorenzana Gonzalez: The experience of Spain in fighting cybercrime


  Bilal Sen: The experience of Turkey in fighting cybercrime  
  Wout de Natris: Law enforcement and cooperation  
  Markko Künnapu: The experience of Estonia in fighting cybercrime  
  Sergio Staro: The functioning of the G8 24/7 Network  

Jaime Ansieta: Police to police cooperation on cybercrime: Making use of Interpol

Session 2

Cristina Schulman: The Convention on Cybercrime: a framework for comprehensive legislation and joint action against cybercrime

  Graham Sutton: Data protection and cybercrime investigations  
Session 3

Rusudan Mikelidze: The experience of Georgia: Lessons learnt and future steps

  Irakli Lomidze: The Data Exchange Agency of Georgia and Information Security
  Markko Künnapu: Strategies for enhancing cyber security  

Conference on cybercrime

(2 March 2010)




Prof. Dr W.K Henrik Kaspersen: Challenges in implementing the Convention on Cybercrime and progress made by Georgia



Virgil Spiridon: Investigating cybercrime: lessons learnt and recommendations (Romania experience)



Worskhop on law enforcement authorities

and Internet service providers cooperation

(2 March 2010)




Cristina Schulman: The CoE Guidelines for the cooperation between law enforcement and Internet service providers against cybercrime



Uwe Manuel Rasmussen: Investigation of computer crimes and the role of service providers



Virgil Spiridon: LEA-ISP cooperation: examples of good practices



Workshop on cybercrime and data protection legislation

(29 September 2009)




Uwe Manuel Rasmussen: Challenges of fighting cybercrime and using electronic evidence



Nigel Jones and Virgil Spiridon: Proposals for the establishment of a High Tech Crime Unit in Georgia


  Prof. Dr W.K Henrik Kaspersen: Analysis of the cybercrime legislation of Georgia against the provisions of the Convention on Cybercrime
  Emilio Aced Félez: Analysis of the data protection legislation of Georgia  

Round table discussion on High Tech Crime unit
(28 September 2009)



Nigel Jones and Virgil Spiridon: Proposals for the establishment of a High Tech Crime unit in Georgia


  Virgil Spiridon: Practical examples of investigating cybercrime  

 Workshop on cybercrime legislation (16 July)




Markko Künnapu: Estonian experience against cybercrime


Virgil Spiridon: Challenges in investigating cybercrime



Givi Baghdavadze: International cooperation provisions in Georgia

  Cristina Schulman:Council of Europe Convention on cybercrime and the advantages for Georgia to become Party to the Convention  
  Cristina Schulman: Council of Europe Convention on cybercrime and national implementation  

Round table on the creation of a 24/7 contact point

and a high tech crime unit in Georgia (15 July)




Markko Künnapu: 24/7 network and contact points



Virgil Spiridon: The Cybercrime police unit of Romania



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