Conference 2012: Reports, presentations, resources

These technical reports, presentations and resources do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.




Opening session

Opening remarks by Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr Thorbjørn Jagland


Mexico - Data protection and cybercrime challenges (Sigrid Arzt)


Botswana - Experience with cybercrime legislation (Athaliah Molokomme)


Update session

From Octopus to Octopus (Alexander Seger, Council of Europe)


Budapest Convention on Cybercrime


Council of Europe Internet Governance Strategy 2012-2015


Global Project on Cybercrime, Phase 3


Gobal Project on Cybercrime, Phase 2 - Final Report


Criminal money flows on the Internet - Typology study


Cybercrime - effective public-private partnership (Adam Palmer, Symantec)


Digital Crimes in Russia (Sergey Grudinov, Group-IB, Russia)


UNODC (Gillian Murray)


GUAM (Oleh Klynchenko)


CCI (Lara Pace)


ENISA (Silvia Portesi)


Update from the T-CY (Markko Kunnappu)


New Trends of Cybercrime (Kaspersky Lab)


Update from the African Union Commission


Workshop 1:

Cybercrime legislation


Global State of Cybercrime Legislation (Cristina Schulman)


Developments in the fight against cybercrime - Costa Rica

Costa Rica - legislative developments (Francisco Salas Ruiz)

Costa Rica - draft cybercrime law


Japan - legislative developments (Yoshimitsu Yamauchi, Ministry of Justice, Japan)


Spain - Legislation and the Cybercrime Prosecution Department


Application of Domestic Cybercrime Legislation in Trinidad and Tobago (Kerry-Ann Barrett)


Application of legislation in practice - example from Sri Lanka


Cybercrime Legislation- Serbia example


Presentation on GPEN (Esther George)


Update on Cybercrime Legislation by Nigeria


Prosecutor General's Cybercrime Office - Portugal


Case Law and Application of Law (Presentation by Esther George)

Case Law and Application of Law (cases)


Country profiles



Workshop 2:

Public/private information sharing


ENISA report on CERT/law enforcement cooperation


ENISA report on CERT information exchange


Turkey - Public/private cooperation (Bilal Sen)


Bill Harmon and Roger Halbheer (Microsoft) - Public/Private information sharing 


Private Sector's perspective for public/private information sharing (Tomohiko Yamakawa)


Presentation of results from the survey of national online threat analysis (Wout de Natris)



Workshop 3:

Child protection


Lanzarote Convention


VGT / legislative engagement strategy


Gaps in legislation against child abuse images in South East Asia and challenges (Anjan Bose)


Workshop 4:

Transborder access and jurisdiction


The provisions of the Budapest Convention (Alexander Seger)


Norway - transborder access to electronic evidence (Eirik Tronnes Hansen)


Government access to data in the clouds - Hogan Lovells White Paper


Transborder access in Latin America (Marcos Salt)


Jurisdiction over cybercrime (Cristos Velasco)


Cloud computing and cybercrime investigations: territoriality vs the power of disposal (report by Jan Spoenle)


Transborder access and jurisdiction (Renato Opice Blum)


Law enforcement challenges in transborder acquisition of electronic evidence from "Cloud Computing Providers" (report by Joseph Schwerha)


Internet jurisdiction (report by Henrik Kaspersen)


Cloud computing and its implications on data protection (report prepared by Yves Poullet, Jean-Marc Van Gyseghem, Jacques Gérard, Claire Gayrel and Jean-Philippe Moiny)


Technologies and Business vs. Law - Coud computing, transborder access, and data retention: a legal perspective from the State which is conducting an investigation (Francesco Cajani)



Workshop 5:

Rule of law and human rights safeguards and data protection


Article 15 - Conditions and Safeguards under the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime

Implementation of Article 15 in Croatian Legislation (Drazen Dragicevic)


L'expérience sénégalaise (Mouhamdou Lo)


Presentation by the Chair of T-PD (Jean-Philippe Walter)


European Court of Human Rights: Internet case-law


Data Protection Convention 108 - modernisation process


Cybercrime investigations and the protection of personal data and privacy





Final plenary session


How did we come to naming the conference the "Octopus Conference" - Presentation by Alexander Seger


Conclusions from the side event on electronic evidence (Nigel Jones)


Conclusions by Ernest Chernukhin, First Secretary, MFA of the Russian Federation


Closing Remarks by Deputy Secretary General of Council of Europe, Mrs Maud de-Boer Buquicchio




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