Action against economic crime

Conference 2011: Reports, presentations, resources

These technical reports, presentations and resources do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.




Opening session

Jan Kleijssen, Council of Europe

Eleonor Fuller, United Kingdom

Hiroshi Karube, Japan


Update session

Greg Day: The 2011 cyber threat landscape

Michael Moran: Child abuse materials

Nicola di Leone: Threat and trends - Europol perspective

Vincent Hinderer: CERT perspective


Markko Künnapu: The Cybercrime Convention Committee, T-CY

Teresa Aguirre: Paraguay - Modifications in the criminal code (Oct. 2011)

Adamou Iro: L'experience Nigerienne

Botir Hakimov: ICT and Information Security in Uzbekistan

Aminiasi Kefu: Tonga's Cybercrime Legislation

Pavan Duggal: Legislative developments in India

Saidi Kalunde: Cybercrime in Tanzania


Workshop 1:

Capacity building


Cristina Schulman: The CyberCrime @ IPA project

Cristina Schulman: The CyberCrime @ EAP project

Joseph Tabone: Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative

Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative

Stephen Malby: The UNODC response

Danielle de Groot: Dutch Cybercrime Programme

                               E-learning booklet

Devi Annamalai: Cybercrime legislation course in Malaysia

Myriam Quemener: Judicial training in France

Esther George: Judicial training (UK Crown Prosecution Service)

Cormac Callanan: 2Centre

Siaosi Sovaleni: Pacific Regional Workshop

Jayantha Fernando: South Asia Workshop on Cybercrime

Cristina Schulman: The Global Project on Cybercrime


Council of Europe projects:

Global Project on Cybercrime



Global Project on Cybercrime (Phase 3) - Proposal



Workshop 2:

Specialised services


Council of Europe/EU Cybercrime Task Force: Good practice study on specialised services

Virgil Spiridon: Overview of the study

Alexander Seger: 24/7 points of contact

Wieteke Koorn/Eileen Monsma: the Netherland's High Tech Crime Unit and Public Prosecutor's Office



Workshop 3:

Cybercrime strategies


Global Project on Cybercrime/Council of Europe: Cybercrime strategies - discussion paper

Alexander Seger: Cybercrime strategies

David Black: RCMP perspective on a Canadian Cybercrime Strategy

Roger Halbheer (Microsoft): Cybersecurity - more than a good headline

Roger Halbheer - Presentation 


Workshop 4:

Sexual exploitation of children


Michael Busch: Developments at EU level

Cristina Schulman: Substantive law benchmarks

Carole Gay/Nicolas D'Arcy (AFA): Notice and take down

Neil Gaughan: Virtual Global Taskforce

Interpol Resolution on legislative engagement strategy against child online exploitation (AG-2011-RES-05)

Interpol Resolution on victim-centric management of child abuse materials (AG-2011-RES-08)

Link to the Virtual Global Taskforce

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin: PhotoDNA


Outlook session:

Panel 1 - Article 15: Protecting you and your rights in cyberspace


Henrik Kaspersen/Joseph Schwerha: Article 15 - Discussion paper

Internet case law of the European Court of Human Rights

Rachael Kondak: Key messages



Panel 2 - Cooperation against cybercrime: what future?


Gillian Murray: The challenge of developing countries

Eric Freyssinet: Division de lutte contre la cybercriminalité


Special meeting:

Budapest Convention - 10th anniversary


Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General, Council of Europe

James Brokenshire, Home Office Minister for Crime and Security, United Kingdom

Robert McClelland, Attorney General, Australia

Reinhard Priebe, Director of Internal Security, DG Home, European Union

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General, Council of Europe




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