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Octopus Interface 2009

Cooperation against Cybercrime

10 - 11 March 2009
 Council of Europe,    Strasbourg, France


The conference provided an opportunity to interface for cybercrime experts from public and private sectors as well as international and non-governmental organisations from all over the world.

Conference summary

Presentations and materials

On the agenda


The Convention on Cybercrime and its Protocol

Legislative developments around the world

Guidelines for the cooperation of law enforcement and Internet service providers

The Project on Cybercrime


Workshops on:
Following criminal money on the internet
Criminalising child pornography on the internet
Cybercrime training
24/7 points of contact and judicial cooperation


The future of cybercrime: challenges ahead



The Conference was open to those professionally involved in cybercrime matters:


Criminal justice and law enforcement officials, including 24/7 points of contact and financial investigators

Representatives of ministries, parliaments or other institutions involved in cybercrime legislation

Private sector representatives, including in particular service providers and the financial sector

International organisations

Non-governmental organisations and researchers.

The conference was held in room 1 and room 2 at the Council of Europe main building (Palais).

The plenary sessions as well as workshops 1, 2 and 3 was opened to the media.


Interpretation (English/French/Russian) was available for plenary and workshops sessions in meeting room 1. Workshops in meeting room 2 will be in English only.


The Conference was followed by the meeting of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (T-CY) on 12 and 13 March 2009.


Conference summary

Press release


Presentations and materials

Final list of participants


Conference video


Project on Cybercrime, Phase 2 (Summary)

Country profiles on cybercrime legislation

24/7 points of contact

Law enforcement - ISP guidelines

Other reports


Cybercrime Convention Committee
The Convention on Cybercrime
The Protocol on Xenophobia and Racism

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