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The role of local and regional representatives in the fight against domestic violence

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities is committed to the fight to end domestic violence against women; in the past, the Congress has already taken a strong stand against violence and such crimes as trafficking in human beings.

The campaign launched by the Council of Europe in November 2006, over two years, rose awareness of this serious crime and found effective measures for preventing and combating it together with its member states' governments, parliamentarians, local and regional authorities, NGOs and civil society. (more...)
Congress supports draft international convention to combat violence against women
At its plenary session on 3 March 2009, the Congress called on governments to draft a binding international legal instrument to strengthen the prevention of violence against women, including domestic violence, the protection of victims and the prosecution of those perpetrating such violence. (more...)

In this exhibition, realised jointly by the Council of Europe Congress and Parliamentary Assembly, the photographer Sandro Weltin sheds light on the different faces: the parliamentarians, the local and regional deputies, representatives of non-governmental organisations, those active in the field, and above all the victims themselves, who are the heart of this citizens’ initiative.
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Ian Micallef:
“Local authorities must rally round to help women victims of domestic violence”

Fabienne Keller : “Domestic violence is always unacceptable”

Campaign programme
Logo and posters (pdf)

Official website of the Campaign
Human Rights Directorate General of the Council of Europe
Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly
Sandra Barnes : ''We, local and regional representatives, must be at the vanguard in the fight against domestic violence''
Presenting her report on 3 March 2009, Sandra Barnes, Congress rapporteur (United-Kingdom, EPP/DC), underlined that domestic violence affects women from all social groups and takes multiple forms. ''Domestic violence concerns us all. Is is a public not a private matter'' she added. Congress members adopted a recommendation and a resolution calling for a legislative framework and global policies, awareness-raising information, and specialised support services for victims.
Resolution 279(2009)
Recommendation 260(2009)

CLOSING CONFERENCE - 10 and 11 June 2008, Strasbourg (France)
Valerio Prignachi: ''Cities and regions throughout Europe put the public spotlight on domestic violence'' (more...)
Speech (French)
Claudette Baldacchino: "The intiatives undertaken in Malta helped to raise the public awareness"
Power Point Presentation

Britt-Marie Lövgren: ''Zero tolerance is the only way to combat domestic violence'' (more...)
Special file on the launching conference in Madrid (Spain) 27 November 2006

''We must remain mobilised to combat violence against women'', says the Congress President (more ...)
Congress President calls for support to the campaign against domestic violence (more...)
Local and regional authorities are the first line of defence of women’s rights (more ...)
Halvdan Skard: ''The silence that surrounds domestic violence is, in itself, another form of violence'' (more...)
Fabienne Keller says City of Strasbourg determined to break silence surrounding domestic violence (suite...)
Pascal Mangin: ''Fighting domestic violence means educating young people'' (more...)

Photo exhibition “Breaking the silence on domestic violence” presented at the Strasbourg City Council (more...)
Awareness-raising week against domestic violence (more...)
Poster campaign against domestic violence spreading across Europe (more...)
The Council of Europe Congress and the City of Strasbourg launch a poster campaign against domestic violence (more...)