"The state of the Congress", the annual activity report of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

"The State of the Congress" is an annual publication, available in French and in English, which presents the activities of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, in particular Session debates, information on the work of the Statutory Committees, observation of local and regional elections, Congress action in the field, as well as Congress cooperation with its partners, in particular with the EU Committee of the Regions.

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State of the Congress 2016

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Exchanges of views with the Committee of Ministers

19.04.2017 - Activity report CG32(2017)29
30.11.2016 - Activity report CG31(2016)27
13.04.2016 - Activity report CG30(2016)22
01.12.2015 - Activity report CG/2015(29)26
15.04.2015 - Activity report CG/2015(28)21
10.12.2014 - Activity report CG(27)19
16.04.2014 - Activity report CG(26)19
11.12.2013 - Activity report CG(25)26
03.04.2013 - Activity report CG(24)18
14.11.2012 - Activity report CG(23)19
09.05.2012 - Activity report CG(22)20
16.11.2011 - Activity report CG(21)23


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