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Frequently Asked Questions

Which geographical entities are considered to be “regions”? Which regional entities are eligible to enter the competition?

The Congress of the Council of Europe defines “region” in article 2 of its Charter:

“[…] authorities placed between central government and local authorities and enjoying prerogatives either of self-organisation or of a type normally associated with the central authority and having a genuine competence to manage, on their own responsibility and in the interests of their populations, a substantial share of public affairs, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity.

Regional entities satisfying these conditions are considered to be "regions" as understood by the Congress of the Council of Europe and can enter the competition.

How many candidates can compete? Is there a limit set as to the number of participants?

Every region in any member State of the Council of Europe can participate in the competition without any limit.
Regions which conducted a project jointly can also compete (for instance a euro-region made up of  regions of various member States of the Council of Europe).

What type of projects is eligible ? What is meant by "technical project" and "public awareness raising project" ?

The key condition for a project to be eligible is that it can show proof of an economic development that achieves social cohesion, meaning that the project should be part of a regional economic development program which strengthens the social cohesion in the region.

In the case of a public/ private cooperation project, what should be the role of each partner?

In this case the role of each partner has no importance; the fact that there was a private public cooperation will be itself, a factor of a positive evaluation.

What will be the prize? Will it be a material or honorific award?

The Prize of the Regions is an honorific reward ; it is part of the Council of Europe's tradition of distinguishing and recognizing European regional development

Where will the award ceremony be held?

The award ceremony will be held in the Council of Europe's buildings in Strasbourg, France.

Who will be invited to the award ceremony?

The prize-winners will be invited to the award ceremony, only the project leader will be invited.

How many distinctions will be given? Will they be given by categories?

There will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 distinctions. The categories are “technical” projects and “public awareness raising” projects.

Will the regions compete with regions from all over Europe? Is there going to be territorial divisions of Europe (Eastern, western, central Europe...)?

One of the main purposes of the Prize of Regions is to allow regions with different social, cultural and income patterns to enter the competition in the same category. Consequently, the competition will be between regions from all over Europe.


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