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The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe launches a new annual prize in partnership with the Bank Dexia. The Prize of the Regions of the Congress will be awarded annually to regions committed to promoting good practices in the field of regional democracy.

The theme for the first prize “Promoting Social Cohesion through Economic Development” is understood as economic development that instigates, drives and thus achieves social cohesion. This approach will allow regions of different social, cultural and income patterns to enter in the same category. Projects should concentrate on regional economic development programmes and clearly show, with concrete examples, how these programmes have supported and enhanced social cohesion.

The theme will change annually; it will remain within the framework of regional development. The prize criteria will largely remain unchanged.

The deadline for applications was 30 September 2008.

The award ceremony was held at the Congress Autumn Session on 2 December 2008 in Strasbourg.

2008 Prize of the Regions: Award Ceremony
[02/12/2008 13:00:00] On the occasion of the Prize of the Regions’ official award ceremony, the Congress awarded five prizes and two distinctions to seven European regions. Yavuz Mildon, President of the Congress, accompanied by Marie-Alice Lallemand-Flucher, Vice President, Head of International Relations at Dexia Bank, awarded trophies to the representatives of 5 European regions from Germany, Turkey, Poland, Serbia and United Kingdom. The President also awarded special distinctions to two regions from Romania and Greece. Photo: Family picture during the award ceremony (more ...)

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