Declaration of Principle

The aim of the Council of Europe is to achieve a greater unity between its members for the purpose of safeguarding and realising the ideals and principles which are their common heritage and facilitating their economic and social progress

Every member of the Council of Europe must accept the principles of the rule of law and of the enjoyment by all persons within its jurisdiction of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and collaborate sincerely and effectively in the realisation of the aim of the Council as specified in Chapter I. (Article 3, Statute of the Council of Europe)


Your login and password are automatically sent to the email address that you indicated when you registered as member of the Congress. Should you have any problems to access you personal accounts or restricted access, please contact the Congress Division of Communication.
Email / Tél. + 33 3 90 21 48 95

Prior to Congress Sessions or meetings, Representatives and Substitutes can use a dedicated interface to register on the "Who’s who" homepage. Registration is possible for approximately two months before each Session begins and one month before meetings.

Members Handbook

Guide pour les membres du CongrèsThe Congress Secretariat published a Handbook presenting the role and duties of Congress members. It is available online and can also be obtained at the Congress communication division.
Download the Handbook (pdf)

Table Office,
National Delegation

Delphine Weisshaupt
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