ONE in FIVE campaign: seminar to combat sexual exploitation of children at local and regional level [02/02/2012]
As part of its contribution to the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE campaign, the Congress organised a seminar in Strasbourg, France, on 9 February 2012 (Palais de l’Europe, room 5). It gathered a panel of experts, grassroots players and local and regional elected representatives. The aim of the Congress is to propose, on the basis of the experiences presented, model bodies to be set up at local and regional level to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and to protect and support victims and their families. The seminar was opened by Maud de Boer Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Keith Whitmore, President of the Congress, and Emin Yeritsyan, President of the Congress Current Affairs Committee. Those wishing to take part in the seminar must register by 6 February 2012 at the latest. 
[09/02/2012]  Maud de Boer-Buquicchio: ''The Congress and its members have a key role to play in combating sexual violence against children''
[09/02/2012]  Keith Whitmore: ''The prevention of sexual violence against children requires the commitment of local and regional authorities''
[09/02/2012]  ''Violence against children happens everywhere, in every country, in every society,'' says Anica Djamić
[09/02/2012]  ONE in FIVE campaign: ''We need synchronized action at all levels: international, national, regional, and local'', says Dusica Davidovic
[09/02/2012]  Rosita Wenzl: ''In Stuttgart, we think that the town has a role to play, alongside parents, in the education of children''
[10/02/2012]  Nick McPartlan: ''A multi-service agency is the best way of fighting against sexual exploitation''
[10/02/2012]  Marko Forss: ''Sexual abuse via the Internet is a global problem to which local responses are needed''
[07/02/2012]  Meeting of the Current Affairs Committee

POWERPOINT Presentations

How is the Council of Europe contributing to this fight?

Regina JENSDOTTIR, Head of the Children's Rights Division and Co-ordinator of the Building a Europe for and with Children Programme

What is the key to uncovering child sexual abuse?

Bragi GUÐBRANDSSON, General Director, The Government Agency for Child Protection (Iceland)


An integrated approach to preventing and dealing with sexual violence against children

Nick McPartlan, Service Manager, ENGAGE, Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council (United Kingdom)

Virtual community policing using child and youth friendly social media

Sergent Marko FORSS, Helsinki Police Department (Finland)


The regions rally to raise children's awareness of the dangers

Karin Gölly, Lawyer, Violence Prevention Centre, Burgenland, Member of the Burgenland “Together Against Violence” Network (Austria)

What international legal instruments exist to address sexual violence against children?

Ksenija TURKOVIC, Vice president to the PC-ES (Committee of Experts on the Protection of Children against sexual exploitation and abuse) (Croatia)