3rd General Meeting of the National Associations: Building a bridge to territorial communities
Strasbourg, France - 16 September 2010

The 3rd General Meeting of national associations of local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe member states, organised by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities on 16 September, was an occasion for an exchange of views on the Congress’ reform and priorities, in the light of the forthcoming session in October 2010.


In 2006, the Congress put in place a mechanism of regular dialogue with national associations of local and regional authorities, which are the structures representing territorial communities in the national setting and therefore Congress partners in relating its action at the national level, as well as in alerting the Congress to possible violations of the principles of local democracy.

This year, the Meeting is taking place in the context of the Council of Europe’s and Congress’ reform processes, a few weeks before the session during which the Congress membership and leadership will be renewed, and the reform proposals debated. Meeting on 17 September, the Congress Bureau discussed the contribution from national associations and finalised the reform proposals.

Ian Micallef: ''Implementing the Congress’ reform is our common task'' (more...) Antonella Cagnolati: ''National associations must accompany the development of the Congress'' (more ...)
Refik Rrugeja: “The Congress’s action will have greater impact if channelled through national associations” (more ...) "National and local governments must work together for solutions to major challenges", says Alan Meale (more ...)
Halvdan Skard: ''Associations are essential multipliers of Congress work in their countries'' (more ...) Andreas Kiefer: ''National associations contribute to the quality of the Congress’ work'' (more ...)
"The Congress needs the associations’ contribution to pursue its priorities", says Ian Micallef (more ...) Ian Micallef: ''The Congress’ reform offers an opportunity for stronger cooperation with national associations'' (more ...)
Frédéric Vallier: ''The Congress is a local democracy think tank''
Arnold Andris Jaunsleinis: ''Better co-ordination is needed between the Congress and national associations''
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