Local Elections in Ukraine - 31 October 2010

(right) Francis Lec, member of the Congress delegation, visits a polling stationOn 31 October 2010, a 23-member delegation of the Congress, headed by Gudrun Mosler-Törnström (Austria, SOC), observed local elections in Ukraine, especially in the communities surrounding the cities of Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Chernivitsi, and on the Crimean peninsula. At a press conference on 1 November, the observers expressed concern over the electoral law for local and regional elections that had been passed by the Ukrainian Parliament just some weeks prior to the elections. They pointed to the shortcomings concerning the registration of candidates, the composition of electoral commissions, the organisational framework and the counting of votes. The delegation called for the creation of a legal framework for electing local and regional self-governmental bodies fully in line with European standards.

"The Congress welcomes the fact that Ukraine has held local elections for the first time without carrying out a national ballot at the same time. We are also pleased that, with the exception of some incidents at certain locations, voting ran generally smoothly. This shows that efforts have been made to give local self-government a high priority. It is therefore only logical to create a legal framework for electing local and regional self-governmental bodies fully in line with European standards. This requires the weaknesses of the existing legislation to be remedied as quickly as possible”, stressed Gudrun Mosler-Törnström.

"Ukraine has already shown it can do better - for example, in the presidential elections earlier this year. With the Council of Europe and its experts in the various institutions, such as the Congress or the Venice Commission, Ukraine has a dependable partner at her side to achieve what is, according to President Yanukovich himself, at the top of the agenda, namely the creation of a unified electoral code for the country to ensure genuinely democratic elections,” she concluded. (more...)


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