Lundi 18 juin 2018

Retour NÉMETH Zsolt

Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), Head of the Hungarian PACE delegation

Zloth Nemeth is one of the Founding members of Fidesz - Hungarian Civic Union, and Member of Parliament since 1990. Since 2014, he was appointed Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Deputy-floor leader of the Fidesz and Head of the Hungarian Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly to the Council of Europe, and from 2016 to 2021 April Vice-president of the EPP-CD Group of the PACE. Since 2021 April he is the chairman of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy of the PACE. His work with minorities led him, among other things, to be one of the main sponsors of the Act on National and Ethnic Minorities (1993), granting individual and collective rights and the right to self-government for ethnic and national minorities living in Hungary, as well as of the Act allowing non-resident Hungarians to apply for Hungarian citizenship if they are of Hungarian origin and speak the language (2010).

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Secrétariat de la Convention-cadre pour la protection des minorités nationales

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