T-PVS Bureau Meeting (1)

Strasbourg, France 19 March 2018
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Agenda Item 2 - Financing of the Bern Convention


Agenda Item 3 - Implementation of the 2018 Programme of Activities and budget issues


Agenda Item 3.1 - Group of Specialists on the European Diploma for Protected Areas: results of the meeting


Agenda Item 3.2 - Invasive Alien Species: state of preparation of the meeting of the Select Group on IAS


Agenda Item 4 - Monitoring of the implementation of the legal aspects of the Convention: Biennial reports and ORS


Agenda Item 5 - Implementation of the Convention: Case-files


Agenda Item 5.1 - Specific Sites - Files open

  • 2004/2: Bulgaria: Wind farms in Balchik and Kaliakra –Via Pontica
  • 2012/9: Presumed degradation of nesting beaches in Fethiye and Patara SPAs (Turkey)
  • 2013/1: Hydro power development within the territory of Mavrovo National Park (“the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)


Agenda Item 5.2 - Possible files


Agenda Item 5.3 - Complaints on stand-by

  • 2014/6: Wind energy: Possible threats to an endangered natural habitat in Izmir (Turkey)
  • 2014/8: Presumed large-scale exploitation and marketing of protected marine shelled molluscs in Greece
  • 2014/3: Presumed deliberate killing of birds in Serbia & 2016/3: Alleged deliberate killing of birds of prey in Serbia
  • 2015/2: Possible impact of wind-farm developments on bats (“the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
  • 2016/4: Development of a commercial project in Skadar Lake National Park and candidate Emerald site (Montenegro)
  • 2016/05: Presumed negative impact of hydro-power plant development on the Vjosa river in Albania
  • 2016/09: Possible treat to Svaneti 1 Candidate Emerald site from Nenskra HPP (Georgia)
  • 2016/06: Presumed risk of national extinction of great bustards (Otis tarda) in Serbia


Agenda Item 5.4 - Other complaints

  • 2017/2: Alleged negative impacts to Lake Ohrid and Galichica National Park candidate Emerald Sites due to infrastructure developments (“the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”)
  • 2017/3: Possible negative impact of a harbor’s construction on the confluence of the Sava into the Danube (Serbia)
  • 2017/4: Presumed threat to Emerald site Tarutino (UA0000137) from cultivation developments (Ukraine)


Agenda Item 6 - Follow-up of previous recommendations: Proposal by the secretariat

  • Recommendation No. 9 (1987) on the protection of Caretta Caretta in Laganas bay, Zakynthos (Greece)


Agenda Item 7 - Communication and visibility


Agenda Item 8 - Strategic Development of the Convention


Agenda Item 9 - Any Other Business