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"Strengthening Information Society in Ukraine"

Since January 2014, the Council of Europe is running a Joint Project with the European Union called “Strengthening Information Society in Ukraine” aimed at strengthening the legal and institutional framework for freedom of expression, freedom of the media, access to public information, protection of personal data and the Internet governance in Ukraine. In cooperation with a number of beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders, activities are carried out to support:

  • Reform of the media related legal framework in line with international and Council of Europe set of standards;
  • Independence and effective functioning of the regulatory body competent for audio-visual communications;
  • Support to the launch of genuine public broadcasting system;
  • Exchanges of best practices regarding protection of journalists in the context of crisis and armed conflict;
  • Further improvement of the access to public information legislation and awareness raising on access to information in the open data;
  • Strengthening capacities of the data protection authority;
  • Enhancing awareness on the protection of privacy in media coverage;
  • Strengthening the national Internet governance dialogue and awareness on human rights for Internet users.

The project was funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and run until December 2015.

Following the decision of the Committee of Ministers on 16 March 2022 the Russian Federation is no longer a member of the Council of Europe. The website will be updated as soon as possible to take account of this development.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression"

Art. 10 European Convention on Human Rights


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