Recommendation adopted on 27 January 2011

“Sanctions and liability in respect of NGOs”

The Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe,

Welcomes the third annual report of the Expert Council on NGO Law on “Sanctions and liability in respect of NGOs”,

Expresses its appreciation to the members of the Expert Council for their continued assiduous work,

Takes note of a number of problems identified by the Expert Council in the field of sanctions and liability in respect of NGOs,

Recommends, in consequence, that the national authorities in those countries where these deficiencies occur take appropriate steps to amend the relevant legislation or practice:

Recalling that the Committee of Ministers Recommendation CM/Rec(2007)14 on “The legal status of NGOs in Europe” provides a bedrock and guidance for the Expert Council’s work,

Urges all appropriate organs of the Council of Europe and all relevant national authorities

Draws the attention to all partners in the Council of Europe Quadrilogue to the valuable contribution the work of the Expert Council is making to strengthening specific aspects of the Rule of Law.