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Strasbourg, 9 November 2005







2nd meeting
3 and 4 November 2005
Strasbourg, Human Rights Building




- Terms of reference of the MM-S-PSB

- Comments by the EBU on the 1st version of the study by Mr Nissen (EBU, Legal Affairs Department)

- Study on the definition of the remit of public service broadcasting in Europe (EBU, Legal Department)

- Terms of reference of the MM-S-PSB

8. The hearing will be held on 3 November, from 2.30 to 6.00 pm and will start with a round of presentations by the invited speakers – representatives of different professional organisations – on possibilities available to and approach adopted by public service broadcasters in the Information Society for promoting wider democratic participation by individuals, in particular via the new interactive technologies.

Then the members of the Group will hold an exchange of views with the guest speakers. It would be very useful if the members of the Group could prepare in advance precise questions that could boost the discussion.

On 4 November, the members of the Group are invited to hold a discussion on the results of the hearing and on further work to be carried out by the MC-S-PSB on this subject, notably as regards possibilities open to public service broadcasters and strategies which could be adopted to encourage them to use such possibilities.

9. With a view to this discussion, the European Association of Viewers’ Interests (EAVI), which has a status of observer within the MC-S-PSB, will present the results of a study on social accountability of the media and the ways of citizens-viewers’ participation. The study “Broadcasting and Citizens. Media accountability and viewers’ participation in Europe” was prepared with the support of the European Commission. The members of the Group are invited to consult the EAVI website to examine its research on the matter (see the link below).

- Terms of reference of the MM-S-PSB

10. The Group is invited to discuss on its work in 2006. The work plan for MC-S-PSB for 2005 contains in principle the essential elements regarding the work for next year. The Group should discuss concrete working methods to implement these elements.

11. At its 1st meeting from 21 to 24 June, the CDMC examined a list of paragraphs of the Action Plan adopted during the Kyiv Ministerial Conference, which have not been covered by the terms of reference of the four groups of specialists. It requested that the Secretariat prepare detailed proposals for action, including where appropriate a work plan, in respect of the above-mentioned points of the Action Plan.

The MC-S-PSB is invited to examine a draft work plan concerning the points of the Kyiv Action Plan not covered by the terms of reference of the groups of specialists.

- Terms of reference of the MM-S-PSB

Item 7 of the agenda: Decisions of the CDMC of interest to the work of the MC-S-PSB

12. The CDMC changed the acronyms of its subordinate bodies to reflect the change in the Steering Committee's own name, namely MC-S-PSB for the Group of Specialists on public service broadcasting in the Information Society.

13. The CDMC supported the MM-S-PSB’s approach vis-à-vis public service media. The Chairman of the CDMC highlighted the importance of the Group’s task in this connection, given that it is the only intergovernmental body working on this issue.

14. Regarding the terms of reference and future work of the Group, the Chairman of the CDMC noted that the Parliamentary Assembly’s Recommendation 1641 (2004), addressed to the Committee of Ministers, requested the preparation of a major new policy document on public service broadcasting (see Item 3 of the draft agenda and first element of the terms of reference of the MC-S-PSB).

- Terms of reference of the MM-S-PSB

- Recommendation 1641 (2004) of the PACE on public service broadcasting

- Television across Europe: Regulation, Policy and Independence (2005) – Reports http://www.eumap.org/topics/media/television_europe

- Research by European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI) on viewers’ rights in a number of European countries & on the instruments European citizens have at their disposal to safeguard their rights and interests as TV viewers http://www.eavi.org/reports.htm

- Recommendation Rec (2003) 9 of the Committee of Ministers on measures to promote the democratic and social contribution of digital broadcasting

- Report on public service broadcasting prepared by the Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) (12 January 2004)

- Addendum to the Report on public service broadcasting prepared by the Committee on Culture, Science and Education of the PACE

- Recommendation 1641 (2004) of the PACE on public service broadcasting

- Reply from the Committee of Ministers (30 September 2004) to the Recommendation 1641 (2004) of the PACE on public service broadcasting

- Protocol to the Amsterdam Treaty on the system of public broadcasting in the member States

- Resolution of the Council and of the Representatives of the Governments of the EU Member States, meeting within the Council of 25 January 1999 concerning public service broadcasting

- Communication from the European Commission on the application of State aid rules to pubic service broadcasting (2001/C 320/04)

- Clarification by the European Commission concerning application of State aid rules to Public Service Broadcasting (IP/01/1429, 17/10/01)

- State aid: Commission requests Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands to clarify role and financing of public service broadcasters (IP/05/250, 03/03/05)

- Press release of the European Audiovisual Observatory on the financial situation of public radio-television companies in Europe (9/04/02)

- “The key role of the public service broadcasting in European society in the 21st century” – the EBU contribution to the Conference on public service broadcasting (Amsterdam, 1-3 September 2004)

- Chapters to be published in the book “Media between culture and commerce”, part B “The Future and Challenges of Public Service Broadcasting” (ed. Karol Jakubowicz)

1 Internet address: http://www.eumap.org/reports/2005.