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Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI)

2nd meeting – 27 November 2012 – 09h30 to 30 November 2012 – 17h00
(Strasbourg, Palais de l’Europe, Room 2)


Elections of the Chair and Vice Chair of the CDMSI

1. It is recalled that the Bureau of the CDMSI is to be comprised of 7 members. The situation concerning the members of the Bureau and their mandates is the following:

2. In view of the above, and in accordance with Resolution CM/Res(2011)24
on intergovernmental committees and subordinate bodies, their terms of reference and working methods (cf. in particular Articles 12 and 13 reproduced in Appendix I)
, the CDMSI is invited to hold elections to the posts of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

* * *

Resolution CM/Res(2011)24
on intergovernmental committees and subordinate bodies, their terms of reference and working methods

Article 12 – Chair
a. Every committee shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair. However, the Chair of a subordinate body may be appointed by the steering or ad hoc committee to which it is answerable.
b. The Chair shall conduct proceedings and sum up the conclusions whenever he or she thinks necessary. He or she may call to order a speaker who departs from the subject under discussion or from the committee’s terms of reference. The Chair shall retain the right to speak and to vote in her/his capacity as a member of the committee, except in cases where an additional expert from the same country has been appointed to sit on that committee.
c. The Vice-Chair shall replace the Chair if the latter is absent or otherwise unable to preside the meeting. If the Vice-Chair is absent, the Chair shall be replaced by another member of the Bureau, appointed by the latter or, where there is no Bureau, by a member of the committee appointed by the committee.
d. Election of the Chair and Vice-Chair shall require a two-thirds majority at the first ballot and a simple majority at the second ballot. In steering committees, the election shall be held by secret ballot, in other committees by a show of hands, unless a member of the committee requests a secret ballot.
e. The term of office of the Chair and Vice-Chair shall be one year. It may be renewed once.
Article 13 – Bureau
a. Every steering and ad hoc committee may appoint a bureau consisting of the Chair, the Vice-Chair and a limited number of other members of the committee. The number of other members shall be specified in the committee’s terms of reference. Any other committee may, if need be, appoint a bureau composed, normally, of not more than three members in addition to the Chair and Vice-Chair. The functions of the Bureau are:
- to assist the Chair in conducting the committee’s business;
- to supervise the preparation of meetings at the committee’s request;
- to ensure continuity between meetings as necessary;
- to execute other additional specific tasks delegated by its Committee.
b. No decision on substantive issues shall be taken by the Bureau on behalf of the committee. In exceptional cases and due to time constraint, the Bureau may have recourse to the tacit approval of all the members of the committee through electronic communication, in order to expedite procedure on decisions requested by the Committee of Ministers.
c. Other members of the Bureau shall be appointed in the same manner as the Chair and Vice-Chair. They shall be appointed immediately after the Chair and Vice-Chair in accordance with an equitable distribution of posts, taking into account in particular geographical distribution, gender balance and, where relevant, legal systems.
d. The term of office of such members shall correspond to the duration of the mandate of the committee and may be renewed once. However, a member may, on expiry of her/his second term, be appointed Chair or Vice-Chair. In order to ensure partial replacement of the Bureau each year, the first term of at least one such member shall be limited to one year.
e. A member elected to replace another whose term of office has not expired shall complete her/his predecessor’s term. The same shall apply to the offices of Chair and Vice-Chair.




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Signature to confirm willingness to stand / Signature pour confirmer que la personne est disposée à se porter candidate


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