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Strasbourg, 7 December 2007







6th meeting
27 to 30 November 2007


Meeting Report


Item 15. Standing Committee on Transfrontier Television (T-TT)

1 Considering that WIPO is the appropriate body for this work, France reserved its position in respect of this proposal.

2 See http://conventions.coe.int/Treaty/en/Treaties/Html/153.htm - This Council of Europe convention has been ratified by Cyprus and Norway (it therefore requires three further ratifications to enter into force) and signed by Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Luxembourg, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Community.

3 See http://conventions.coe.int/Treaty/en/Treaties/Html/178.htm - This Council of Europe convention has been ratified by Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Moldova, the Netherlands, Romania and Switzerland, It has also been signed by Luxembourg, Norway and the Russian Federation.

4 http://www.dsp.coe.int/HR/media/

5 The Secretariat was subsequently informed that major sporting events would take place in Vienna as from 7 June, lasting more than two weeks. Subject to confirmation that it will take place in Vienna, the meeting has therefore been tentatively re-scheduled to 27 to 30 May.

6 Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation Rec (2006) 12 on empowering children in the new information and communications environment.

7 Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation No. R (84) 3 on principles of television advertising.

8 Committee of Ministers’ Recommendation No. R (84) 17 on equality between men and women in the media.

9 Paragraph 12.3.1 of the PACE Resolution 1557 (2007) on the image of women in advertising.

10 Idem paragraph 12.4.

11 Idem paragraph 12.5.1.

12 Idem paragraph 12.5.3.

13 Idem paragraph 12.5.4.

14 Paragraph 2 of PACE Recommendation 1799 (2007).

15 Idem paragraph 4.1.

16 cf in this context for example the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights Kokkinakis v. Greece (1993) in which the Court pointed out that those who choose to exercise the freedom to manifest their religion, irrespective of whether they do so as members of a religious majority or a minority, cannot reasonably expect to be exempt from all criticism. However, it also stated that in extreme cases the effect of particular methods of opposing or denying religious beliefs can be such as to inhibit those who hold such beliefs from exercising their freedom to hold and express them.

17 cf. for example Handyside v the United Kingdom (1976), §49

18 Examination of the alignment of the laws on defamation with the relevant case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, including the issue of decriminalisation of defamation (CDMC(2005)007)