Committee of Experts on

Rights of Internet Users

MSI-DUI (2012)09

2nd Meeting - 13 and 14 December 2012 (Strasbourg, Agora, Room G05)

Draft Roadmap

1. The MSI-DUI at its first meeting (13 and 14 September 2012) agreed to develop at its next meeting a road-map of actions to be taken by DUI members and the Council of Europe in order to facilitate the development and preparation of a draft compendium and robust multi-stakeholder dialogue therein. This road-map is based on the work plan preliminarily discussed by the Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI) at its first meeting (27-30 March 2012, see CDMSI (2012)003).
2. The table below sets out a list of proposed main actions.
3. The process of consultation of relevant Council of Europe intergovernmental structures and of other organization, bodies and communities in and beyond the membership of the Council of Europe should be done in a manner which is:

    - Open, inclusive and transparent as possible.
    - Invites multi-stakeholder dialogue in accordance with para 4 of the Internet Governance Strategy 2012-2015iiiiii.
    - Seeks partnerships and synergy according to para 20 of the Internet Governance Strategy 2012-2015 to promote consultation, support and prepare for implementation and follow-up of the draft compendium.

In practice, the process will include:

    - Monthly conference calls with available members of the DUI where applicable.
    - Interaction between DUI members via the collaborative workspace.
    - Information provided via Council of Europe web-page which explains the process (timelines, milestones etc) and invites open comment and interaction, provides reports of DUI meetings, and makes available comments received during general and specific rounds of consultations. *It is important to note that all those having sent comments will be kept informed about the draft compendium’s progress.


Expected action and outcomes

13-14 September 2012
1st MSI-DUI meeting

First discussion on human rights on the Internet of particular importance.

Human rights standards to be relied upon questions for DUI members to send to their networks.

Mapping of responses to questions prepared as a matrix.

Explanatory report prepared by the Secretariat.

27-30 November 2012
2nd CDMSI meeting

Vice-chair, Thomas Schneider, to inform the CDMSI on DUI progress.

13-14 December 2012
2nd MSI-DUI meeting

Discussion on preliminary draft compendium, including agreement on key human rights to be covered.

Agreement on road-map (i.e. date of consultation rounds, key actors/contributors targeted, revisions to the draft etc).

Preliminary draft compendium prepared and sent to DUI members for comments.

Feb 2013 (date TBD)

Draft Compendium prepared (based on inter alia DUI members’ proposals), validated by DUI members.

First general round of consultation opened on draft compendium.

Relevant Steering and Convention committees invited to send comments.

March 2013
3rd meeting of the DUI

Draft Compendium rev prepared.

23-26 April 2013
CDMSI 3rd meeting

Report on DUI work progress to CDMSI.

May 2013

Specific round of consultation 1 - WSIS Forum consultation (Geneva).

Specific round of consultation 2 - Meeting with stakeholders (Brussels).

6-7 June 2013

Specific round of consultation 3 – EuroDIG.

Late June 2013

Draft Compendium rev 2 prepared.

Second general round of consultations.

October 2013 (date TBC)

Specific round of consultation 4 – IGF.

Oct/Nov 2013 (date TBD)
4th MSI-DUI meeting

Draft Compendium rev 3 prepared and discussed.

Draft Compendium rev 3 submitted to CDMSI for consideration, comments and possible approval.

Oct/Nov 2013

Draft compendium rev 4 prepared (optional – depends on CDMSI comments received).

3-6 December 2013
CDMSI 4th meeting

CDMSI consideration, possible revision and approval.

CDMSI submission to the Committee of Ministers for possible adoption.

Early 2014

CM consideration and possible adoption.

Launch of the Compendium.

Secure agreement on next steps in its development and implementation.

i According to the MSI-DUI Terms of Reference without prejudice to the provisions of Section III.B.a. of Resolution CM/Res(2011)24, representatives of civil society, private sector, technical, professional and academic communities may participate in the meetings of the MSI-DUI.

ii The Council of Europe Internet Governance Strategy 2012-1015 puts an emphasis on synergies and partnerships with key stakeholders and makes reference to a number of actors such as private sector actors (notably the providers of Internet services and technologies), professional networks, including private sector bodies, such as European Internet Service Providers Association, the International Chamber of Commerce, Business for Social Responsibility, civil society networks, other networks, including the Global Network Initiative, the European Youth Forum, and related youth networks.

iii Private sector actors could be considered by the MSI-DUI as possible contributors to its work be in particular Twitter, Facebook, Google, the European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO), Skype, software and application developers The Secretariat and members of the MSI-DUI have established contact with some of them.
With respect to civil society actors consideration may be given to involving Article 19 ; NEXA Center, University of Turin; La Quadrature du Net; Oxford Internet Institute, EFF, Safe Internet Project ; ICANN At Large and Non Commercial Users Constituencies; the Association for Progressive Communications ; the Internet Society.