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Action Plan Pre-electoral assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
media component


Budget € 81 860
Funding Voluntary contributions, ordinary budget
Implementation Media Section (Directorate of Co-operation, Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs)
Duration 1 February – 15 November 2010
Objective General objective:
To assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in conducting the 3 October general elections in line with the international standards on the matter.

Media component:
To assist with measures to achieve fair, balanced and impartial media coverage of the election campaign.
Activities and results in 2009   The monitoring of media coverage of the election campaign conducted by a professional association started on 3 September and terminated on 1 October. Press conferences were held at the beginning of the official campaign to announce the launching of the monitoring and mid-campaign to present the results of the interim reports. The closing conferences were organised in Sarajevo (19 October) and in Banja Luka (20 October). At a conference in Neum on 5-6 November, participants discussed the final monitoring report and agreed on recommendations for future elections.

  Council of Europe standards regarding media independence and election coverage were presented to journalists and members of political parties during two conferences held in Sarajevo (11 May) and Neum (30 June - 1 July).

  Four workshops on the fair and balanced media coverage of election campaigns for journalists from print and electronic media were organised. Journalists and news editors took part in a study visit to North-Rhein Westphalia from 4 to 11 May to gain first-hand experience on the local elections held there.
Assessment and follow up An important achievement of the project was that it raised the awareness mainly of media professionals but also of public authorities and the general public of the importance and the substance of fair, balanced and impartial media coverage of election campaigns. Local media professionals’ associations have taken ownership of these issues and are planning a systematic efforts to continue training journalists on the fair and balanced coverage of elections. The Council of Europe will provide assistance within the limits of its resources.