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Council of Europe
Conseil de l'Europe

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministère norvégien des Affaires étrangères
Promoting freedom of expression and information and freedom of the media in South-East Europe (SEE) 2013/DG I/VC/2970

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, “the former  Yugoslav republic of Macedonia” and Kosovo¹


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Council of Europe


18 months (2 September 2013 ­–  28 February 2015)

Total project funds received

1 000 045


The overall objective of the project is to develop legal and institutional guarantees for freedom of expression, higher quality journalism and a pluralistic media landscape in SEE, in line with CoE standards.

The Project aims to address the common problems and challenges of the beneficiary countries and allow exchange of experience, cooperation, networking and synergies in appropriate areas such as journalism education and training, self-regulation and broadcasting regulation, media transparency and ownership.

Specific objectives

- Alignment of the laws, regulations and practice with the Council of Europe standards in the field of freedom of expression in SEE;

- Strengthening independence and effectiveness of the bodies responsible for broadcasting regulation and enabling the public-service broadcasting system to better fulfil its remit;

- Development of professional approach, responsibility and respect of ethical rules among journalists.

All activities will be implemented in consultation and co-operation with the relevant public authorities, media professionals and local NGOs in the beneficiary countries.

Target groups  

Decision makers, public officials, civil society, representatives of public-service broadcasting systems, representatives of regulatory and self-regulatory bodies and journalists.  

Final beneficiaries Media professionals and citizens of the beneficiary countries.

Expected results

- Media legislation in line with European norms and standards developed;

- Number of media professionals, judges and media lawyers trained in line with CoE standards related to freedom of expression, ethical rules and access to information of public importance;

- Number of public officials, including from regulatory bodies trained;

- Self-regulatory mechanism of oversight for the media sector strengthened;

- Informal network of journalists to enhance regional dialogue developed.

Main activities Legal expertise, expert meetings, workshops, trainings and awareness-raising activities, seminars, roundtables and regional conferences.


Examples of organised activities:


More about the project and organised activities:

¹“All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in the project documents shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.”