Action against economic crime

Conference 2009: Reports, presentations, resources

These technical reports and presentations have been prepared under the Project on Cybercrime. They do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Council of Europe.



Opening session

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio: Opening speech

Michel Quillé : Current Threats and future challenges

Eugene Kaspersky: Taking responsibility for the Internet


Update session

Cahyana Ahmadjayadi: the Indonesian cybercrime bill

Eduardo Azeredo: Legislative developments in Brazi

Nora Chernovsky: Legislative developments in Argentina

Council of Europe: Convention on Cybercrime - State of signatures and ratifications

Council of Europe: Project on Cybercrime (Phase 2) - Summary

Council of Europe/Project on Cybercrime: guidelines for law enforcement - ISP cooperation

- English version + background report

- FrenchRussianUkrainian versions

European Union: Council conclusions on a concerted work strategy and practical measures against cybercrime

Jayantha Fernando: legislative developments in Sri Lanka

Mike Haley: The London Action Plan: a 21st century model for anti-spam cooperation

Julie Inman Grant: Cybercrime and child online safety laws in Asia Pacific

Fabien Lang/Carole Gay: LEA-ISP cooperation guidelines in France

Bakthiyar Mammadov: Cybercrime legislation in Azerbaijan

Alexander Seger: the Project on Cybercrime

Geronimo Sy: legislative developments in the Philippines



Workshop 1

Criminal money


Ahmad Sa'ad Abubakar: Investigating fraud schemes in Nigeria

John Baker (Moneyval): Building bridges

Rachelle Boyle (FATF): Money laundering and terrorist financing risks on the internet

Graham Butler: VOIP guidelines

Peter Cassidy (Anti-Phishing Working Group): An E-crime reporting Lingua Franca

Council of Europe/Economic Crime Division: special file on financial investigations

Jacqueline Fick:
- Cybercrime in South Africa - Prosecuting cybercrime in South Africa and the benefits of public-private partnerships

Financial Action Task Force: Money laundering and terrorist financing vulnerabities of commercial websites and Internet payment systems

Roberto Flor:
- Computer and identity-related fraud
- Power point presentation

Eugene Gallagher: the Irish approach to following criminal money

Chet Hosmer: the e-crime technology

Rob McCusker: Criminal money flows on the Internet in the Asia-Pacific region

Oleksyiy Chervinsky (RG Data): the Centurion Portal

Veronica Rosenblut: the fight against cybercrime in Chile


Workshop 2:

Child pornography


Frank Ackermann: About INHOPE

Gilberto Almeida de Martins: Criminalising child pornography in Latin America

Branislav Bohacik: Council of Europe instrument for the protection of children against sexual abuse and exploitation

Council of Europe: Convention on the protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (CETS 201)

Kathy Free: European Financial Coalition

Vanessa Fusco: Cybercrime and child pornography investigations in Brazil

Marco Gercke: ISP obligations related to child pornography: legal issues

Gilberto Martins de Almeida:
- Brazil's experience in obtaining cooperation from ISPs in cases of child pornography
- Presentation

Myriam Quéméner: Legislation and prosecution of child pornography

Leila Schilthuis: ICMEC findings on child pornography

Cristina Schulman: Criminalising child pornography and sexual abuse of children on the internet - European countries

Nevine Tewfik: Child online safety in Egypt

European Commission projects related to child safety:
- Presentation of EU Safer Internet Programme
- Safer Internet 2009-2013 programme
- Good practise example for the cooperation of Law Enforcement and Child Welfare organisations in the field of child sexual abuse (including online abuses) - Cooperation of NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) in the UK
- The MAPAP project - Measurement and Analysis of P2P activity Against Paedophile content
- The I-Dash (The Investigator's Dashboard) project - analysis of video material
- The FIVES project

Jaime Jara Ratamal: Investigating child pornography in Chile

Ivan Salvadori: criminalising the possession of child pornography



Workshop 3



Esther George: GPEN for prosecutors

Marco Gercke: (draft) Training manual for judges (prepared for Council of Europe)

Chet Hosmer (Wetstone Technologies): Investigator training

Fredesvinda Insa (CYBEX):
- European Certificate for the Fight against Cybercrime
- ECCE - Basic level training for judges, lawyers and prosecutors

Nigel Jones/Cormac Callanan: the 2Centre study

Nicola di Leone: Europol training

Pedro Verdelho: The Centre for Judicial Studies in Lisbon



Workshop 4:

International cooperation


Christopher Painter: The 24/7 network

Marcos Salt: International cooperation in cybercrime matters: the challenge for countries of Latin America English version - Spanish version

Alexander Seger: The functioning of 24/7 points of contact

Marc Goodman:  IMPACT role

Bernhard Otupal: Interpol NCRP for Computer related Crime

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin: Towards a contact list for ISP, financial sector and law enforcement?



Outlook session:

Future challenges


Francesco Cajani: Communication interception and data retention on foreign servers / Presentation

Greg Day: Cybercrime in 2019?

Henrik Kaspersen: Cybercrime and internet jurisdiction

Cristos Velasco San Martin:
- Jurisdictional Aspects of Cloud Computing   
- Internet jurisdiction and law in Latin America (background paper)

Ingrid Inda Camino: CSIRT Chile

Marc Goodman : Virtual World Crime

Alice Decker : the future of Cybercrime


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