Action against economic crime


Cybercrime Capacity Building in Mauritius

Conference and Workshops

Mauritius, 11 - 14 August 2014

Agenda Programme
Opening session Speech of Honorable Tassarajen Pillay Chedumbrum, Minister of ICT
Conference on the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime


Budapest Convention on Cybercrime
Guidance Notes
About the Budapest Convention (Cristina Schulman)
The Role of the Cybercrime Convention Committee (Cristina Schulman)
The Budapest Convention: what impact? (Alexander Seger)
Capacity building on cybercrime (Alexander Seger)
Cybercrime Capacity Building (Discussion paper)

Implementation of the Budapest Convention under the domestic law of Mauritius (M. Seetaram)
Workshop on international cooperation Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2003 of Mauritius
International Cooperation on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence: issues (Esther George)
International Cooperation on Cybercrime and Electronic
Evidence under the Budapest Convention (Alexander Seger)

Mutual  legal assistance in criminal  matters (S. Namdarkhan)
Workshop on law enforcement access to data


Assessment report on expedited preservation (Cybercrime Convention Committee)
Data Protection Act 2004 of Mauritius
Article 15 safeguards under the Convention on Cybercrime
Rules and procedures in practice: case studies ( Victor Völzow)

The Budapest Convention: Investigative Powers & Article 15 (Zahid Jamil)
Law enforcement access to data in Mauritius  (Drudeisha Madhub)
Workshop on electronic evidence Electronic evidence guide
About electronic evidence: Concept, relevance and principles. Introduction to the Electronic Evidence Guide (Victor Völzow)
Procedures for handling Electronic Evidence (Drudeisha Madhub)

Council of Europe Electronic Evidence Guide (Esther George)
Electronic Evidence - Mauritius Police Force ( H.K. Balgobin and R. Bhundoo)
Procedures for handling electronic evidence by other institutions
Understanding Cybercrime Investigations (Robin Bhundoo)
Workshop on judicial training concepts


Council of Europe: Judicial training concept
Basic training course
Advanced training course
Workshop on law enforcement training strategies Law enforcement training strategies in South-eastern Europe
First Responder Training
Elements of law enforcement training strategies and access to training materials - Results of the meetings at Europol ( Victor Völzow)
Law Enforcement Training on Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence in Mauritius Training (Jennita Rao Appanah)
Workshop on child online protection


Child Protection Act of Mauritius
Protecting children against online sexual violence: criminal law benchmarks
Child protection at the Council of Europe
Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse (CETS 201) - Lanzarote Convention
The criminal law benchmarks of the Budapest and Lanzarote Conventions (Cristina Schulman)
Addressing the problem of child sexual abuse websites through Internet Filtering (T. Dabeesing)
Workshop on amendments to criminal legislation


Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2003 of Mauritius
Anti-Spam Action Plan of Mauritius
Court of Justice of the European Union - Judgment in Joined Cases ( Cristina Schulman)
Legal Frameworks in Mauritius: Reflections on Legislative Reform ( Zahid Jamil)

The Current Legal Framework on Cybercrime in Mauritius (Reechaye Sachindra)