(Draft) Agenda

24-25 May 2016
Council of Europe, Strasbourg

1. Opening of the 15th Plenary and adoption of the agenda

T-CY(2016)04 Agenda 15th Plenary                               

2. Status of signatures, ratifications, accessions to the Budapest Convention and its Protocol

Participants are invited to discuss the status of signature, ratification or accession by specific countries.

3. Information provided by parties and observers – Tour de table


4. Dialogue with international organisations (T-CY observers)


5. Status of 3rd round of T-CY assessments on Article 13 on sanctions and measures

T-CY(2015)3 Article 13 Assessment Questionnaire Adopted
T-CY(2015)18  Assessment Article 13: compilation of replies Assessment Article 13: compilation of replies - Presentation

Presentation: Assessing implementation of Article 13: Sanctions & Measures, Ian WALDEN

6. Assessment of Preservation Provisions
T-CY(2015)24 Draft Assessment report: Implementation of the preservation provisions of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime: Supplementary report for Malta and Panama

7. Cloud Evidence Group: Consideration of draft outcome


Criminal justice access to electronic evidence in the cloud - Informal summary of issues and options under consideration by the Cloud Evidence Group
T-CY(2015)16 Draft Guidance Note on Production Orders (Article 18)
T-CY(2015)10 Criminal justice access to data in the cloud: challenges
T-CY(2016)2 Criminal justice access to data in the cloud: cooperation with "foreign" service providers

Hearing of service providers in 2015

Exchange of view with data protection organisations on 23 May 2016

Presentation: Criminal justice access to evidence in the cloud Issues and options currently under consideration by the Cloud Evidence Group, Alexander Seger


8. Follow up to Assessment Report on Mutual Legal Assistance

Follow-up given through capacity building projects  : Online resource for international cooperation: example of capacity building projects


Emergency requests for the immediate disclosure of data stored in another jurisdiction through mutual legal assistance channels or through direct requests to service providers: Compilation of replies - Presentation

T-CY(2013)17rev T-CY assessment report: The mutual legal assistance provisions of the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime


 9. T-CY Guidance Notes

T-CY(2016)11 Draft Guidance Note on Terrorism - Version 15 April 2016
T-CY(2015)16 Draft Guidance Note on Production Orders (Article 18) - Version 4 May 2016
10. T-CY Workplan for 2016/2017
TCY(2015)12 Workplan 2016-2017

11. Financial resourcing of the T-CY for 2016/17

Decisions 9th Plenary (T-CY(2013)22 Abridged meeting report)

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12. Activities of capacity building projects and the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (C-PROC)

Capacility building projects and C-PROC


Octopus Cybercrime Community

13.  Elections

Rules of procedures

14. Any other business

Recommendation 2089(2016) on Intellectual property rights in the digital era